ThePoorChildren_150w“From the amazing first sentence of April L. Ford’s debut collection, THE POOR CHILDREN, I was hooked. This is a rarity: a compellingly original voice and vision.”

— David Morrell,  NEW YORK TIMES  bestselling author


“Brutal and brilliant are the words that come to mind to describe April L. Ford’s award-winning short story collection, THE POOR CHILDREN. Here are seven searing stories delineating the lives of yes, economically-deprived children, but more devastatingly, children whose emotional deprivation drives them to the outer dark of madness. In the no-man’s land of rural French Canada, Ford inhabits deeply the voices of teenage protagonists who must carve out destiny and identity from a paucity of resources—what they fashion is terrifying—and thanks to Ford’s masterful insight and prose—a must-read.” 

Alice Lichtenstein, author of  LOST  (Scribner, 2010)


“April L. Ford’s prose is a sort of nimbus about darkness. She deals with painful subject matter in an unflinching manner reminiscent of some of Cormac McCarthy’s early books. THE POOR CHILDREN is a compelling, brave, and original debut.”

— Naeem Murr, author of  THE PERFECT MAN  (Random House, 2007)


“These are smart, sad, funny, reckless, all-over-the-emotional-map stories that never lose their focus nor their grip on the reader.  A harrowing and outstanding collection.”

— Fred G. Leebron, author of  IN THE MIDDLE OF ALL THIS  (Harcourt, 2002)


“April L. Ford’s stories are a scorching corrective to kneejerk sentiment; they remind us that youth, while it has its pleasures, is essentially a battleground. A memorable debut.”

— Jonathan Dee, author of  THE PRIVILEGES  (Random House, 2010)