The Poor Children: Stories by April L. Ford

Read the press release for April’s debut short story collection, The Poor Children! The Poor Children is forthcoming April 1, 2015 with Santa Fe Writers Project.


ThePoorChildren_150w“From the amazing first sentence of April L. Ford’s debut collection, The Poor Children, I was hooked. This is a rarity: a compellingly original voice and vision.” — David Morrell, New York Times bestselling author

“April L. Ford’s prose is a sort of nimbus about darkness. She deals with painful subject matter in an unflinching manner reminiscent of some of Cormac McCarthy’s early books. The Poor Children is a compelling, brave, and original debut.” — Naeem Murr, author of The Perfect Man

“These are smart, sad, funny, reckless, all-over-the-emotional-map stories that never lose their focus nor their grip on the reader. A harrowing and outstanding collection.” — Fred G. Leebron, author of Six Figures

“April L. Ford’s stories are a scorching corrective to kneejerk sentiment; they remind us that youth, while it has its pleasures, is essentially a battleground. A memorable debut.” Jonathan Dee, author of The Privileges